ΑΡΓΑ. (Reasons why you need to go slow.)

1 Μαΐου 2019



From the moment you feel the need to save your love, your hug, your home, your planet for somebody else, that moment you will completely change and become a human.
The only reason we should live for, on this planet earth is love. If you do believe in love, you can change your whole perspective on living.

Give yourself the chance and time to understand. ΑΡΓΑ

Used to live in a small town, close to nature, never thought that people could harm the planet. The fruits were slowly matured, the cars were slowly driving through, the days were slowly passing...another dimension. Everything here was carefully selected from what we chose to eat to the people we selected to hang out.

The time has changed, we need more of everything, we need it as fast as it can be.

Fashion has been a great part of my life since a i was small child, clothes were the pazzle pieces to my teenage years. Helped me to find myself, to express my feelings, stand out and feel confident. Never associated fashion with dark.


WHAT is fast fashion anyway?

"Fast fashion can be defined as cheap, trendy clothing, that samples ideas from the catwalk or celebrity culture and turns them into garments in high street stores at breakneck speed.Fast fashion utilizes trend replication, rapid production, and low quality materials in order to bring inexpensive styles to the public. "

As i come from a family with middle wage income, my budget could afford only fast fashion, back then, at my 15, i wasn't that familiar with vintage shopping and my trend addictive self led me to buy as many cheap clothes as i could, just to hang them in my closet. Just to fed my over consuming teenage self. I would never thought... "who makes my clothes or even what kind of fabric do they use for them..." I have started experimenting with second hand clothes and recycling fabrics after my first attendance to a "swap or trade" event. I was informed about the whole idea, which i found truly inspirational. I searched about the philosophy of not buying but swapping or recycling our clothes and the one information came after the other.


All of the elements of fast fashion: trend replication, rapid production, low quality, and competitive pricing, add up to a large impact on the environment and the people involved in its production.

The environmental damage, which the fashion industry continues to create, is in large part due to fast fashion. Brands like Forever21, ZARA, H&M use toxic chemicals, dangerous dyes, and synthetic fabrics which seep into water supplies in foreign countries (where the clothing is made) and at home when the clothing is washed. All this leads to air pollution due to carbon emission and water poisoning. In other words our planet is slowly dying due to fashionable trends...

Talking about human beings. Fast fashion isn't free,someone somewhere else is paying. We never thought cause we didn't know. BUT we found out, even fast fashion brands' attempt to hide. Human beings like us, live and work in terrible circumstances. Sweatshops. Women and CHILDREN do work, to produce a piece of garment. They do not have any right of speaking, working 10 hours and being paid well below the minimum wage,just for 100 euros per month...

stop,let's go backwards.


"Slow fashion is a movement towards mindful manufacturing, fair labor rights, natural materials, and lasting garments. Conscious fashion means there are brands, communities, and individuals who are fighting for the safety of our earth and fellow humans. Buying a garment from a responsible brand ensures that you have agency over your personal style, are getting a quality product, and are protecting those that need it most."

Going slow, means care, investing on pieces you truly love, supporting brands that are trying to help the environment.The key word is INVEST. Reduce the amount of garments you buy annually and save to be saved. The quality of fabrics and materials will convince you. Slow fashion means transparency, the idea of sharing all the important information the consumer needs to know about the brand, where and who make the clothes...

The pictures are symbolic. A pool, flowers and Euridice wearing pieces made of love, created with care in Europe. The flowers symbolise the blossom and re-born of ethical fashion...I feel truly honored and inspired by these two collaborations. Two European brands, who support ethical and slow fashion. Timeless, chic, iconic pieces... 

An all time classic summer look with a modern twist,the linen fabric, the epitome of Greek summer and the yellow mules with the detailed low heel will make you fantasize your wildest summer days and nights.The most beautiful balance in nature and future...possible sustainable with respect to the planet and human being. 

The Charlotte Pringels collections provide wearable and timeless pieces for the distinctive, modern woman. We believe in slow fashion, the power of simplicity and elegance in an effort to change and challenge the way we as society consume. Doing so we commit to sourcing natural and recycled fibers and work with high-quality, low minimum suppliers, allowing us to reduce waste through small-batch production. We commit to transparent practices by providing information about supply chains, enabling customers to make informed decisions.This is why we call our collections 100% SLOWFASHION. All samples and prototypes are made and designed in Charlotte Pringels' own atelier, located in Belgium.
We are committed to creating luxurious footwear in a beautiful and sustainable way. Our shoes are sophisticated statement pieces imbued with art and nature influences. Our shoes are made from high-quality sustainable materials - animal-free and Made in Europe. Our shoes are produced in a family-run factory in São João da Madeira, Portugal, under safe and dignified working conditions.

All the pictures are taken by @Antonis Agrido
(blogger.com destroys our quality, click the picture for high quality images. Thank you)

I am wearing:
TOP,TROUSERS,COAT :www.charlottepringels.com

make up:
KORRES athens

Thank you Valis Resort Volos for your kind hospitality.

-I still trying to find out more and educate myself about the fast fashion industry,sweatshops and sustainability...still in the begging. Trying to figure out what WE the western consuming society can do to help the situation and raise awareness. The truth is that boycott these brands isn't the better solution, closing down their labour factories will only lead to much more poverty and unemployment. We need to reduce shopping cheap garments, support more local brands and ASK fast fashion brands for more transparency, where and by whom are these clothes made? We are their only hope...we are all human who share the same planet, the world happens to be too unfair, we are getting richer by making the more poor. Stop,αργά.

find out more:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtkJN6t1eLLx7NqqJhpXK7A KRISTEN LEO has great videos and huge information on sustainability, ethical fashion, ect.

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