F for Fashion: COOL IN PASTELS

Heeey Fashion lovers , today i dressed up and my mother photographed me!It was her first time but,you will see that see took really great photos!She is a natural talent haha!I tried to make a casual and chic ,at the same time , outfit.By wearing my favorite jacket <3 and my DIY ripped off pair of jeans, i make my outfit more casual and i used these pastel orange sandals to make it chic.You can definitely wear this outfit in the morning or even at night!Don't forget your make up should be lighter in the morning and darker or more colorful at night by using a pink or purple lipstick.
Here are some pics of my photoshoot:

Γεια σε ολους,σημερα ντυθηκα και με φωτογραφισε η μαμα μου!Ηταν η πρωτη της φορα,αλλα θα δειτε οτι τραβηξε πραγματικα τελειες φωτογραφιες!Ειναι φυσικο ταλεντο χαχα!Προσπαθησα να φτιαξω ενα casual αλλα ταυτοχρονα chic ντυσιμο.Φορωντας το αγαπημενο μου τζακετ και το DIY σκισμενο τζιν κανω το ντυσιμο πιο καθημερινο ενω χρησιμοποιησα τα παστελ μου σανταλια  για να το κανω chic.Mπορειτε να φορεσετε σιγουρα το παραπανω συνολο ειτε το πρωι ειτε τη νυχτα!Μην ξεχνατε το μακιγιαζ σας θα πρεπει να ειναι φωτεινοτερο και πιο ανοιχτο την ημερα ενω πιο σκουρο ή πολυχρωμο το βραδυ χρησιμοποιωντας ενα ροζ ή μωβ κραγιον.
Δειτε μερικες φωτογραφιες παρακατω:

what i am wearing;
jacket:vintage 90's
jeans :vintage 80's

Love Chatoyant<3

P for Photography:FREE PEOPLE

Home alone with my bf's camera so..this is what happened!
Vintage lace and a guitar,i don't know how to play the guitar, butttt i can use it when i want to make a hippie-boho-vintage concept like this.Its really difficult to take all the photos by yourself without a tripod.Check out some photos that i took!Enjoy the summer<3 See you!

                                                                    what i am wearing:
                                                  lace bottom:vintage
                                                   rings:pull &bear

Dreamy Wishlist:SHOES

Well..even though i have 25 pair of shoes, (more than enough for usual people but not enough for a fashion lover) i need more , because my fantasy and the new trends that are coming never end!Here are some  pair of shoes that i really want...or need haha:
well i wish i could buy them ALL..but no,no way!
Tell me your opinion,do you like them?leave a comment below!
Have a nice weekend see you!<3
    chatoyant xoxo

F for Fashion:70's are back and so am i

Hello fashionlovers!This outfit is completely ispired by 70's fashion!So lots of prints with flowers or not, suede skirts and jackets and of course leather! We have to dare to wear gladiator sandals this summer and for making our style more hippie-like we can wear colorful hair bandanas . Forget about the boho style we used to wear the last summer, kimonos and high waisted shorts are something from the past and everyone got bored of this trend. This photoshoot was great but also really quickly we took 100 photos in 30 minutes only!Check them out:

i am wearing:
blouse:from zara
suede skirt:pull&bear

kisses from chatoyant xooxoxo


First photoshoot with amazing Dora a.k.a Sagittarius Lishen from  Ladyluckbysagi
Dora is a fashion stylist who works also as a personal trainer and now she is making her own personal site where she will upload her fashion photographs and her fashion ideas!(cant wait to see it) Dora has an eccentric casual and elegant style, she is a fashion lover like me so i am pretty sure  we are going to be good friends!
The photoshoot took place at a park near my house!All the photos have taken by my bf antonis agridopoulos. The concept of the photoshoot was '' just a day out with a friend '' so prepare yourself for something really cozy and casual, the amusing part of the photoshoot was that we had my bf's doggy Shemy, she is such a beautiful dog!Here some photos check them out and don't forget to leave a comment and visit our fashion pages on facebook! kisses xoxox yurichat <3

see you<33