cha·toy·ant  \shə-ˈtȯi-ənt\


Triggered by the most Fashionable and Iconic Decades,i apt to create looks and concepts .This blog will be my time machine and my pathway to knowledge.I aspire to learn about ART and CULTURE.The development of fashion,the aesthetics of the old good cinema and music. My greatest ambition is people not to follow my path but to get inspired to create their own,a unique path that will help them mind-travel and feel free.

The girl behind this blog,is Euridice at her 20s,full of dreams and enthusiasm about every little thing on this world.Hopeless romantic and a life lover.If she had to wear only one look for the rest of her life this would be a Chanel tweed suit and black leather boots.She loves patterns and clothes,sunglasses and eccentric shoes,streets and people with style,cats and her latest playlist.You will see her with no make up on,messy hair walking as she is daydreaming.Whenever she wears her headphones please do not abstract her cause she is starring at a music video.She would be nothing without her partner in love and crime,her inner inspiration,her liberator,her photographer and content creator.A real music lover,free at mind and crazy man that captures only what he wants to.He is the mind behind many projects you see on this blog.

Our blog was awarded as the best ''NATURAL STYLE'' blog of 2018 by Marie Claire Magazine.THANK YOU.

Contact to know more about me/or even work with me : eyridikik97@gmail.com

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